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Backyard Burglars

The idea for the book

When I was fourteen, a man hopped over the fence and into our backyard. He hid in one of the fruit trees. The police chopper came flying over the house shinning a spot light into the yard, which is what alerted us to the occurance in the first place.

At the time, I had a comic book that I was developing for myself. The artwork was largely inspired from the Gorillaz and I just wanted to create something for myself.

Draft 1 - 2008

The first attempt at writing a book was after I viisted my sister in Cantebury UK. I took the trip in 2008, and got to know a lot of different people. Some of the personas, I borrowed from the people that I met.

The idea was largely centered around a young boy that was placed into foster care and just arrived to a new town and was staying with a new family.