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Mad Max Costume

The Reason

So you want to be MadMax - The Road Warrior? Well then you aren't alone. For the past two years I have decided to really invest in my costume ideas for Halloween. I usually pick something that I was a fan of when I was a kid. I don't typically go for crowd pleasers, however MadMax I think meet that criteria. I will list the materials I used and the web sites that I referenced so that you can also build your very own MadMax outfit.


If you attempt to build this costume and succeed, road marauders and war boys may come a callin. Be prepared.

Leg Brace

The MadMax Leg Brace is something that gives the outfit it's iconic look. It was first shown in The Road Warrior as a post apocolyptic accessory, and has been a fan favorite since. Since I made the leg brace with a laser cutter, I will describe the process at the end of the post and if you with to purchase the materials, I will post a link to them at the end.

Materials Used

  • Faux Leather Jacket
  • Under Shirt
  • Tan Spray Paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Brown Spray Paint
  • Leather Pants
  • Black Thread
  • Boots

Tools Used

  • Scissors
  • Needle Point

The Jacket

Upon the recieving the jacket, I noticed that it was very cheap faux leather. For this, it's perfect. You can rough up the faux leather a little easier than real leather. My method for distressing the jacket and making it look old was fairly simple.

Step 1 Cut your jacket material in different angles. I've included a picture of the angles I chose.

Step 2 Once you have your angles cut, then you can begin the stitching. Patience is required for this process. Also, watch your fingers and the needle point. The jacket can be a little tough in some places.

Step 3 You can now take your jacket into your garage or open area for spray painting. Make sure you use Satin or Matte spray paint First do a lite coat of tan spray paint. Then brown as the second coat. It's important to do it in patches. You don't want the whole thing to look so brown or tan that it takes away from the black leather. However, you can use the black to touch things up if that look too "perfect".