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The Game Idea

Ever wanted to build an mobile game? Well, I sure did. Thankfully, I met a really cool dude named Erik Bye. He had been making games for his daughter Ellie for a number of years before we met under his own company Ellies Games.

After we built our first game together, Vet Island we decided to keep going with an idea that a group of friends and myself came up with in Art School. The title of the game, Yarn.

Yarn Banner

Yarn - the puzzle

The idea was simple. You, the player, would be the courages yarn ball Doodle. Your job: Save the city from the cat zombie apocolypse. New York City's cat food has been poisoned with toxic waste, turning the purring pets, into savage monsters.

Demo Play

At first, the gameplay was vertical and the player would navigate Doodle down the side of a building, and the player would collect the catz and drop them into the garbage thus beating the level.

Yarn Layout

Changing it up

After testing and building the vertical gameplay for a good amount of time (roughly a month) we decided that it just wasn't...fun. The game was pretty boring actually. So we started looking at other gameplay types in order to model ours off of. The one that stood out to us the most was King of Thieves.

It was a very fun game and the dynamics of it were simple. Your character is constantly moving forward, and by tapping on the screen you could jump. The jump action would also allow the player to pivot off of walls and boundaries in order to change direction or scale up a vertical path. Perfect!

We spent a good amount of time trying to make a similar gameplay and feel in Yarn without completely ripping off the idea of KOT. The end goals, for example, were different. In KOT, the player's end goal is to reach the treasure at the end and dodge the obstacles and enemies in the way.

In Yarn, the player had to dodge some obstacles, but they the end goal was killing all the catz on the level.